Fun Facts

People often ask us about our traditional items and how many of them we sell. Here are some interesting and fun facts:


We sell over 2,500,000 pieces each year. Try cinnamon, chocolate, raisin, raspberry, apricot, or sugar free. We also offer seasonal flavors like pumpkin and strawberry so there are always plenty of ways to enjoy this delicious favorite!

Black & White Cookies

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy our legendary cookies smothered with chocolate and vanilla icing. We sell over 60,000 large and 2,000,000 mini black & white cookies a year.

Killer Cake

Prepared from our most highly guarded secret recipe, this is our most famous dessert. Our Killer Cake consists of four different types of chocolate —it’s like eating a piece of treasured fudge. It’s not just to die for—it’s to kill for! We sell over 150,000 slices of Killer Cake a year.

Banana Dream

Moist banana cake, rich banana cream, chocolate chips, walnuts and milk chocolate icing. Irresistible! We sell over 175,000 slices a year.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Loaded with chicken and vegetables, only grandma makes it as good. We sell over one million cups of chicken soup a year.

Stuffed Cabbage

This favorite consists of fresh ground beef rolled into tender cabbage leaves and topped with savory sweet and sour sauce. We sell over 150,000 orders of stuffed cabbage a year.

Potato Pancakes

These delights are prepared from hand-shredded potatoes just like grandma used to make and are served with sour cream and sweet applesauce on the side. We sell over 300,000 potato pancakes a year.


These traditional homemade crepes are filled with sweet cheese and grilled to perfection with a dollop of sour cream and fruit topping. We sell over 200,000 blintzes a year and have been told many times that no one makes them better than TooJay’s!

Corned Beef Sandwiches

Our tender corned beef is specially trimmed, cured, and steamed to bring out the flavor. Lean and thinly sliced, it is rolled and piled high between two slices of freshly baked rye bread. We sell more than 500,000 corned beef sandwiches a year.